quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2020

The Assumption of the Virgin Painting by Tiago Azevedo

painting of the virgin mary in the sky with a red mantle by tiago azevedo a lowbrow pop surrealism artist

The Assumption of the Virgin is characteristic of the tendency towards vivid colors with luminous qualities, The paints and brush strokes are heavily loaded with color to create a high visual impact on the viewer.

The pop surreal composition of the painting is designed to lead the eyes upwards in a pyramid shape, beginning with the red-robed Virgin, to her floating hair, and finally to the red light of God himself at the top.

Painted in bold and highly contrasting colors, the Assumption of the Virgin oil painting depicts the miraculous raising of Mary, mother of Jesus, into heaven. Bidding her farewell on the ground below from where Mary's figure as it's lifted up by angelic clouds. God peers down at Mary from the golden light.

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